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Giants news, 11/24: Jason Pierre-Paul will continue to wear club

New York Giants news updates for 11/24.

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Good morning New York Giants fans! Here are your updates for this Tuesday morning.

JPP: "I'm ready to go. I'm fired up."

Jason Pierre-Paul said Monday he will continue to wear a club on his damaged right hand. He briefly tried a glove during a game against the New England Patriots before switching to the club he wore against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

"I’m more comfortable with the club," Pierre-Paul said. "I feel better, I don’t have to worry about anything, and it is what it is, so I just wear that."

Though, Pierre-Paul admitted that he is still undergoing rehab for his hand, especially during the off week.

"Everyday rehab, being consistent with my hand, that’s basically it. Other than that, my entire body is fine," Pierre-Paul said.

Despite his confidence in how far he has been progressing, Pierre-Paul is not taking the Washington Redskins lightly, in particularly Kirk Cousins.

"I really have to go study the film," Pierre-Paul said. "I know he’s a good quarterback, both of the quarterbacks they had were good, but he’s getting better and better. Each game he’s making plays and getting better and better. I have to study them really hard, study my opponent, study the tackle in front of me. Trent Williams, he’s a good tackle. I played against him for five years now and he’s been dominant. He made me better as a player, so I have to study him, and that’s basically it from me."

"The wait is over" for Prince Amukamara

After five games, the Giants will regain one of their most valuable defensive players. Prince Amukamara is expected to play against the Washington Redskins as any defensive addition is a much needed boost for the Giants.

The squad was without one of its best players for five consecutive games, but the wait is over for Amukamara.

The Giants surely could have used him in their pre-bye 27-26 loss to the unbeaten Patriots, but the defense gained a ton of confidence despite falling short. The realization set in that if life could be made fairly miserable for Tom Brady, what’s to stop the Giants from spreading some discomfort to Kirk Cousins this weekend and then Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Tannehill, Cam Newton (that one will be a bit more challenging), Teddy Bridgewater and (take your pick) Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez. "We’re getting our defense healthy, which is huge for us," linebacker Devon Kennard said. "And guys that have been back are feeling healthier and healthier."

Steve Tisch spent $30,000 in Christmas gifts ... per player

John Mara isn't the only owner who absolutely loves his team. Steve Tisch, in an interview with TMZ, stated he started Christmas shopping in June and he "has presents for every New York Giant."

Really? TMZ calculated that would be about $1.6 million total spent by Tisch on a 53-man roster. But that doesn't take into account the practice squad. And what about players who were cut or placed on injured reserve? Were the presents personalized (if so, he's got more spending to do on someone like newly-added wideout Hakeem Nicks)? We need answers, including whether he's serious or not!

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The Giants and the New York Jets game time will not be flexed and will stay at it's original slot at 1 p.m. ET.

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