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Damontre Moore ripped by ex-Giant Derrick Ward on Twitter

Ward's latest rant directed at Giants' DE.

Damontre Moore is taking heat from all sorts of directions these days. After yet another silly penalty on Sunday, coming a week after he was benched for a bad penalty two weeks ago, Moore is likely hearing it from New York Giants coaches. He is also hearing it from ex-Giants running back Derrick Ward, who took to Twitter today to basically tear Moore apart.

On Sunday, in a tweet that has apparently been deleted, Ward said Moore "might be the dumbest player in the NFL."

If you are familiar with Ward's Twitter account, he has a penchant for emotional, over the top, rants. Moore apparently took offense.

I'm not going to embed all of Ward's tweets ripping Moore, but let's string together a few of Ward's tweets:

" ... in unreality I didn't call him the dumbest player in the NFL. I was just reiterating what he called himself."

There is plenty more if you feel like reading the whole thing. Moore's only public response was this:

What do I think of all of this? I think I actually wish I wasn't giving Ward's words more of a platform that Twitter already did. I wish the guy would go away. I find Moore's play, as a third-year guy in the league, completely indefensible. This sort of foolishness, though? If I was Moore I would just ignore this stuff. It's not worth his, or anyone's, time.