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2015 NFL Power Rankings: Giants No. 12 in aggregated rankings

Giants move up, just a little.

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When looking at Week 11 NFL Power Rankings from sites around the Internet, we see something bizarre this week. There is really no consensus on what to make of the New York Giants after their oh-so-close 27-26 loss to the still unbeaten New England Patriots on Sunday.

Some sites have the Giants moving up after they played impressively despite losing. Others have the Giants moving down. In all, the compiled point total for the 10 sites we are using this week. is 122. That puts the Giants in the No. 12 spot when aggregating those rankings. Overall, that is a jump of two spots from a week ago.

Chris has the Giants at No. 10 in the Big Blue View Power Rankings.

The Giants, of course, are in first place in the NFC East despite their 5-5 record. Prognosticators are split on whether or not the Giants will still be there at season's end.

SB Nation -- No. 15 (LW: 14)

Peter King Fine Fifteen -- No. 10

I vote for the NFL to pass a new rule in the off-season. The Giants and Patriots should play four times a year, every year. FOX gets one of the games. CBS gets one. NBC gets one. ESPN gets one. I mean, it's the best game in football, and I can't quite figure out why. -- No. 10 (LW: 13)

The Giants looked like Belichick Bashers for much of Sunday afternoon, even playing like a complete football team -- well, at least for an NFC East team. Call that division the greatest soap opera in football, minus a real leading man -- nope, not even the Maximus-bearded Kirk Cousins or the slick Mark Sanchez qualifies. The closest thing to the most important player in the NFC East -- other than a certain Dallas QB who's been sidelined since Week 2 -- is Eli Manning. It's getting dangerously close to Coughlin Time: when Big Blue ekes out the division title in December before making their "presidential" (that is, once every four years) Super Bowl appearance, while their coach's face turns all Rudolph-like.

Pro Football Talk -- No. 15 (LW: 15)

Ryan Mallett would fit in well with this team; neither knows how to manage a clock.

FOX Sports -- No. 10 (LW: 11)

Yahoo Sports -- No. 15 (LW: 16)

CBS Sports -- No. 14 (LW: 13)

USA Today -- No. 12 (LW: 16)

ESPN -- No. 10 (LW: 15)

Washington Post -- No. 11 (LW: 10)