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Patriots 27, Giants 26: Tom Coughlin once again disappointed Giants couldn't finish

Find out how head coach Tom Coughlin reacted to a heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots.

Tom Coughlin talks to referee Ed Hochuli during the second quarter
Tom Coughlin talks to referee Ed Hochuli during the second quarter
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it wasn't meant to be. After very good play from the New York Giants for most of this game, the Giants loss another heartbreaker as the Patriots were able to easily score a last second field goal to win them the game. The theme of finishing games is a concept that the Giants can't seem to get at all this season despite the warnings given out by Tom Coughlin.

"Extremely disappointing loss. Not much for me to say about it other than the frustration was -- I mean, finish the game. Just get the game over with. We had the ball in the end zone that’s knocked out of the hands. We have to kick a field goal, which makes you right away worried because they have an outstanding kicker who might kick it from 58 to 60 yards, he’s done that before. You have a chance to intercept the ball in the middle of the field and it’s just thrown up and we don’t catch the ball."

I'm sure most fans can agree this was hurt as much as any of them and it seems Coughlin would be right there with them.

"I’m very disappointed, upset, whatever the words might be. Guys practiced hard, they worked hard, they wanted it badly, they prepared well, they battled out on the field. ... very frustrating loss."

"... finish the game. Just get the game over with." - Tom Coughlin

You can point to a lot of reasons why the Giants couldn't finish this game and it starts at the top. The Giants appeared to be in the verge of being in command of the game being in the end zone, down by only one. Coughlin decided to keep passing the ball for the touchdown and he has no regrets with it.

"I’ll take the touchdown. I’ll take the touchdown," he said.

Speaking of touchdowns, Coughlin didn't lament on the fact the referees decided to take away the initial touchdown from Odell Beckham Jr.

"Initially they did, but it could’ve gone the other way," Coughlin said. "They were open about that part, too. It could be ruled against us. We had two other plays. We weren’t able to score. We already had the two-point play on the field ready to go for two. There you go."

Of course, the most killer play, or lack of play, is when Landon Collins botched an easy interception when the Patriots were rallying to come back. Coughlin didn't give any excuses for the young safety.

"Play’s there, you’ve got to make the play," Coughlin said. "I mean, he’s throwing it up down the middle of the field with no one, there’s no one even there. Catch the ball and the game’s over. I’m sending the victory team out. I mean, it’s just a shame. I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it. I mean, it looked like he had it at first and the ball was out when he hit the ground."

When asked why the Giants just can't finish, Coughlin just can't provide any real reasons. "The other guy finished the game," Coughlin said. "We didn’t get it done. We could have had the game over with and been kneeling down, there was that circumstance -- we could have scored a touchdown and went for two, they couldn’t kick a field goal, they had no timeouts. There was all kinds of things that could’ve happened. That is why you play the game."