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Jonathan Casillas: Ex-Pats can't offer much help with Giants' game plan

Casillas talks about Patriots legendary week-to-week adjustments.

Jonathan Casillas
Jonathan Casillas
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Can former New England Patriots Jonathan Casillias and Shane Vereen help the New York Giants figure out what the Patriots will do this week? Casillas doesn't think, and his experience after being traded to the Patriots mid-season in 2014 is part of the reason why.

"They never gave me a playbook," Casillas said. "I literally got a game plan per week, and learned the defense that way. That's how much they adjust."

The Patriots, of course, are legendary for varying their offensive and defensive approaches every week.

Casillas said "it's kinda comical" how much the Patriots change things on the fly, and how they expected him to learn the game plan each week without a playbook.

"They do a pretty good job matching up week-to-week and trying to take advantage of the weaknesses of the other team, and also put a stop to their strengths," Casillas said.

Casillas said he knows Patriots coach Bill Belichick will downplay the rivalry between the teams and the two Super Bowl losses, but adds that "definitely in the back of his mind he wants to kick the Giants' butt."

The veteran linebacker just can't really offer any clues as to how he might try to do it.