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Big Blue View Mailbag: JPP, Brad Wing and the futures of Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reese among topics

Mail call!

Why do punters like Brad Wing hold for place kicks?
Why do punters like Brad Wing hold for place kicks?
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't opened up the Big Blue View Mailbag in a while, so let's do that today.

Ed says: I think the theory behind that is sound. As quickly as Brady likes to deliver the ball the best, maybe only, way to really pressure him is right up the middle into his face. Edge pressure might be impossible because of how quickly the ball is delivered. What I don't know is whether this is something the Giants can physically ask Jason Pierre-Paul to do right now. I don't know if his hand would, at least right now, limit him to having to stay on the edges. I would need someone who understands defensive line technique and hand usage to really offer an opinion on that.

What I will say is I'd like to see the Giants do some creative things up front. I do understand Steve Spagnuolo's reluctance to blitz -- he really doesn't have anyone who can get home consistently, anyway. I'd like to see some stunts and perhaps more zone pressures where who is rushing and who is dropping into coverage becomes more of a guessing game.

Ed says: Entering the season I would have said no playoffs, no job for Tom Coughlin in 2016. Now, I just don't know. You can spin this argument any way you want. You can blame Coughlin for the first couple of losses, especially the season-opener. You can point to injuries and blame him, if you want. You can also look at it and say this team is in first place with absolutely nothing on defense. With a whole lot of key guys on IR or not playing. with an offense that's been inconsistent. You can make an argument that he's doing one heckuva job. Depends on your perspective, and there are solid points on both sides.

Right now, I don't think this is a question that has an answer. The final seven games will have a lot to do with it. There is a big difference between, let's say, going 2-5 over the final seven games and finishing under .500 again vs. getting to Week 17 vs. Philly with maybe nine wins and a chance to win the division. So, to be determined.

As for Reese, why do people keep asking about this? Do you not understand what organization Reese works for? The Giants haven't fired a general manager since they hired George Young in 1979, and there is zero chance they are doing it now. I have my issues with Reese's work the past few seasons, but he has the support of ownership and he isn't going anywhere. Maybe there would be a shakeup underneath Reese, but the GM is staying put.

Ed says: Anything can happen. I mean, shoot, no one thought the 2007 or 2011 Giants were Super Bowl championship caliber teams. Until they were hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, that is. I don't think this one is, either. Even with Jason Pierre-Paul back, there are no signs the Giants defense is going to be anything other than terrible this year. The offense? Capable of greatness, but inconsistent. This version of the Giants winning a Super Bowl? I don't see it. But, it would be nice to be wrong.

Tom Vayda asks (via e-mail):

What is the scout team, who is on it, is it different than the PS?

Ed says: The "scout" team is basically a group of players each week who simulate what the offense or defense of the upcoming opponent does. "Scout" team guys can be made up of a combination of practice squad guys and reserve players on the 53-man roster. For example, Giants' backup quarterback Ryan Nassib serves as the "scout" team quarterback every week.

Will Jonathan asks (via e-mail):

Is there any particular reason Brad Wing holds for kicks instead of a quarterback? Is it not more common around the league for a QB to hold? Or am I just thinking of Tony Romo?

Ed says: I don't know exactly what the split is around the NFL in terms of punters who hold vs. quarterbacks. The reason why punters hold is pretty simple, though. They have less responsibilities than the quarterback or backup quarterback, and more time to practice with the long snapper and place kicker. I mean, hit a few punts and then what else is the guy going to do at practice? While the backup QB or a wide receiver is busy doing other things, the punter, placekicker and long snapper can be off by themselves perfecting what they do.

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