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Giants' Jason Pierre-Paul: I will get to Patriots' Tom Brady

Defensive end says he knows he can get to Brady.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday morning, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin talked about how difficult it is to pressure New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady because of how quickly he releases the ball. Just don't tell Giants' defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

"We're going to get to the quarterback, I know I am, I know others guys as well," Pierre-Paul said on Wednesday. "We have to do whatever it takes, it's a big game. Like I say, they're undefeated, but they have to come through here first."

How's that for a little bravado from the league's last-ranked defense? A team, by the way, that has nine sacks and remains the only one in the league not in double digits in that category. Things are a little different with Pierre-Paul, who made his 2015 debut last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, back in the lineup.

Pierre-Paul admitted that facing Tom Brady and the Patriots is "going to be a big challenge and we're up for a challenge."

As for how Pierre-Paul is after playing 46 snaps in his 2015 debut last week he said that physically he "felt good" although he admitted to being "a little bit rusty."

"I wasn't sore, I wasn't anything. I came in Monday, I felt good, I felt great, and even after the game, I felt great," Pierre-Paul said. "Like I say, I put in the work so it really wasn't anything to me. It was just getting the reps out and getting that conditioning in, that game mode, which I think I got in pretty good."

Pierre-Paul thinks he'll be better in his second game.

"I'll be better this week than last week," Pierre-Paul said. "physically, I was good. Like I say, I trained all season even with my incident or whatever it is, it happened or whatever, but I trained my butt off, so it was okay for me."

Pierre-Paul was reminded that two weeks ago the Giants gave up more than 550 passing yards to Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. He had a simple response:

"I wasn't there."

Pierre-Paul wore a club on his hand last week vs. Tampa Bay. He said his disfigured hands "doesn't hurt" and that "sooner or later" he will stop wearing the club. He also told reporters that recovering from his 2013 back surgery was worse than coming back from having his right index finger amputated.

"Really anytime you have an injury, you're going to be iffy about stuff," JPP said. "I find myself being iffy about stuff, but just like my (2013) back surgery, I was scared to turn the corner. At some point in that season, I turned the corner then I hurt my shoulder or whatever, but I was doing pretty good. I trust myself, but I think I've just got to trust myself even more.

The Giants hope JPP can help them turn the corner and make a playoff push.