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NFL Playoff Picture: Oddsmakers give Giants, Eagles equal shot at NFC East crown

Both teams listed at 6-5.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Are the New York Giants going to win the NFC East? We asked you that question on Monday, and 55 percent (1,630) of the 2,974 people who voted think the Giants will, indeed, emerge as division champions. Las Vegas oddsmakers are split between the Giants and Philadelphia Eagles, with the folks at Bovada ( giving both teams 6-5 odds of winning the NFC East title.

Bovada lists Washington Redskins at 15-2 and the Dallas Cowboys at 10-1. The Giants lead the division with a 5-4 record, while the Eagles are a half-game behind at 4-4. The Redskins are 3-5, with the Cowboys at 2-6.

The Giants have the toughest remaining schedule of any of the four teams in the division, beginning with this weekend's game against the 8-0 New England Patriots. The Giants seven remaining opponents are a combined 37-19, a .661 winning percentage.

"I don't pick the schedule. I very rarely think about things of that nature once the schedule comes out. I shut the door, blow a little steam off, open the door, this is what it is," said Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. "We're going into our 10th game. It's against a very, very good football team. That's where all our energy goes, as it does every week for the next opponent."

The winning percentages of the opponents for the other three NFC East teams are as follows:

Eagles (33-32) .508)

Redskins (32-34) .477

Cowboys (34-30) .531

That strength of schedule has those who project standings still favoring the Eagles. Team Rankings gives the Eagless a 58.9 percent chance of winning the division, compared to 31.7 percent for the Giants. Five Thirty Eight has the Eagles NFC East title chance at 51 percent, with the Giants at 26 percent.

by the way, Bovada gives the Patriots a 10-1 shot at going undefeated.