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Giants vs. Patriots 2015, Week 10: Coughlin says facing New England "does get your motor running"

Coughlin previews game against Patriots.

With his team facing the unbeaten New England Patriots this week, New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin deflected talk of a personal matchup against Bill Belichick, saying facing the Patriots was "exciting" for the Giants as a team.

'Remember they are undefeated. In this day and age being undefeated at this point in the season is quite an accomplishment," Coughlin said. "We know the quality of the team.

"We simply have to take care of our process, our production, better than we've ever done it before. That's really what the challenge is for our players."

Coughlin did say "I have great respect for Bill" and that playing against an unbeaten team "does get your motor running."

Is there one thing that is most important when it comes to defeating the Patriots?

"More about all three teams, thank you," Coughlin said. "It's field position, it's trying to keep the ball away, it's trying to do things with your offense, it's trying to find a way to control a team that's a high-flying team that's scored an awful lot of points.

"They're a good football team and you've gotta play your best. There's no other way around it."

Defending Rob Gronkowski

The Giants, as their fans well know, have had difficulty covering the middle of the field this year, with quality tight ends giving them fits. Sunday, they face the best tight end in the league in Rob Gronkowski.

"He's a rare athlete, let's face it," Coughlin said. "They use him in a lot of different ways."

Coughlin said the Giants will have to use a variety of coverages to try to slow him down.

"You have to mix," Coughlin said. "You have to have your entire defensive package available."

On Tom Brady

Coughlin was asked if he saw any difference in Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady from the player the Giants faced a few years ago.

"Nothing. He gets better," was Coughlin's response.

Coughlin did say that pressuring Brady is extremely difficult because of how quickly he gets rid of the ball.

"He's the quickest in the league getting rid of the ball. That's a fact," Coughlin said. "But you do have to try. Whether you with four, five, six, whatever, at certain points in the game you've gotta try."

On Jason Pierre-Paul

Coughlin said Pierre-Paul was "at his best when his best was needed" at the end of Sunday's game against Tampa Bay. After playing 46 snaps in his debut, the coach said he expects Pierre-Paul "will rev it up and be ready for even more."