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NFL Power Rankings 2015, Week 10: Giants No. 14 in aggregated rankings

A look around the Inter-Google at how others rank the Giants.

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The New York Giants a top 10 team in the NFL? Our man Chris thinks so, steadfastly leaving them at No. 10 in his weekly Big Blue View Power Rankings. Our weekly look at NFL Power Rankings from around the Inter-Google shows that almost no one else seems to view the Giants through those same blue-colored glasses.

Our 10 rankings this week total 142 points when you add them all together, placing the Giants at No. 14 in our aggregated Week 10 NFL Power Rankings.

The Washington Post does have the Giants at No. 10. Pro Football Focus, however, has the Giants all the way down at No. 20. Everyone else, somewhere in between.

The 5-4 Giants face the 8-0 New England Patriots this week. A win this week and then I think there would be a solid argument that the Giants belonged in the top 10. Otherwise, the overall ranking of 14 is probably right around where the Giants actually do belong.

The Rankings

SB Nation -- No. 14 (LW: 15) -- No. 13 (LW: 15)

Elliot Harrison proves to be a very smart man who agrees with me that it was better for the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night than vice versa.

Big Blue stays ahead of the pack in the NFC East race. While simple logic states the Eagles' win in Big D was not a wonderful development, careful reasoning says it was. If the Cowboys had won, they would have been 1.5 games back, with Tony Romo returning in a couple of weeks. Sam Bradford played well for the Eagles on Sunday night, but both teams being healthy, Dallas is the better ballclub. Big Blue, with Jason Pierre-Paul back and another meeting with Philly on the schedule (in New Jersey), is on track to win the division.

Yahoo Sports -- No. 16 (LW: 17)

USA Today -- No. 16 (LW: 16)

FOX Sports -- No. 11 (LW: 15)

ESPN -- No. 15 (LW: 14)

The Giants lead the NFL in takeaways (21), turnover margin (plus-12) and defensive touchdowns (four), and now they have their best pass-rusher back. Can they shock the Patriots in Week 10?

Pro Football Talk -- No. 15 (LW: 17)

The Sporting News -- No. 12 (LW:15)

Pro Football Focus -- No. 20

Washington Post -- No. 10 (LW: 14)