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"Big Blue Chat" podcast: Punter Brad Wing talks hair, celebrations ... and football

Maybe this one should be titled "Pat and Ed's excellent adventure with Brad Wing."

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hair, his apparently bad golf swing and the quality of co-host Pat Traina's effort at an Australian accent were among the topics of entertaining chat when New York Giants punter Brad Wing dropped in for a visit during the latest "Big Blue Chat" podcast. Wing, incidentally, threw down the gauntlet with his teammate and good buddy Odell Beckham Jr., saying he has better hair than the "Head & Shoulders" spokesman.

"Apparently everyone thinks he's got the good hairdo, but I'm disagreeing on that one," Wing said. "He didn't have all that back in college. It's good to see him think he has a good hairdo now ... mine's all natural, he puts all color and stuff in his."

[NOTE: In case you haven't seen a photo of Wing without his helmet on, he's right. He DOES have better hair than Beckham. It's really not even a close call.]

Wing has also been catching grief from teammates, especially placekicker Josh Brown and long-snapper Zak DeOssie, about the golf swing he displayed while celebrating a punt against the New Orleans Saints.

"I'm not a golfer, I've caught a lot of flak for my atrocious golf swing apparently," Wing said. "My feet are too narrow and my hips are all wrong."


Pat and I did discuss some serious Giants topics, including Jason Pierre-Paul. Johnathan Hankins, Will Beatty and the upcoming game against the New England Patriots.

Give us a listen!