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Myles White scouting report: Let's learn more about new Giants' wide receiver

SB Nation's Acme Packing Company helps us out.

Myles White with the Packers
Myles White with the Packers
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, wide receiver Myles White was elevated from the practice squad by the New York Giants as wide receiver insurance with Victor Cruz still shelved by a stubborn calf injury.

Why did the Giants turn to the 24-year-old former member of the Green Bay Packers rather than sign a name player like Hakeem Nicks or Wes Welker? We turned to Evan "Tex Western of SB Nation's Packers blog, Acme Packing Company for more information about White. Here is what Western sent us via e-mail:

White was one of the Packers' better receivers in training camp, and very much earned his spot on the 53 out of camp. In fact, many Packers fans hoped that the team would keep him and carry 6 WRs on the roster when James Jones was signed.

White has pretty good speed and has developed pretty good route-running skills in his two years in the Packers' organization. In fact, it seemed that he might have even been in line for #4 WR snaps ahead of Jeff Janis (who was likely kept over White because of better measureables). He also showed good hands throughout practices and the preseason.

To sum up, White is pretty good at a lot of things, but exceptional at none. He can contribute both inside and outside, and surely has some familiarity with Ben McAdoo from the 2013 season. It's unlikely he'll be a game-breaker for the Giants, but he's a good option to bring in as a depth and special teams piece.

White, originally an undrafted free agent, spent most of 2013 and 2014 on the Green Bay practice squad. The 6-foot, 182-pound former Louisiana Tech star caught nine passes for 66 yards in seven games on the active roster in 2013.

The Giants added him to the practice squad after, ironically, the Packers cut him to make room on their 53-man roster for James Jones.

"Miles is a smart player. He's been in the system for a while. He's a guy that can stick his foot in the ground and create some separation that way," said offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo, who was with White in Green Bay in 2013. "As a rookie, he came in, he was a young guy, what he had the big game up in Minnesota? I think it was Sunday night but it may have been Monday. It was a night game but he came in and he played for us and did a nice job. We expect him to do the same from here on out."

McAdoo was referring to a five-catch game White had against the Vikings.

The Giant opted for White's youth and upside, along with the fact that he can play both inside and outside and has been in the system McAdoo runs with the Giants for three years now."A young guy who knows the system very well, can play in the slot, play on the outside," Coughlin said. "He's been used with our first group in the last couple of weeks as we've only had four receivers that could participate.

"So we get a guy who's sharp, who's had a good preseason, who knows the system well, can adapt to all of the positions, knows the signals when we're in the no-huddle. I think we just kinda keep going with a multiple position guy."