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NFL Power Rankings 2015, Week 5: Giants are moving up

Giants at No. 13 in aggregated rankings from around the Internet.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants are moving on up in the weekly NFL Power Rankings. Scary, yes, but true. Two straight victories by the Giants, including an impressive one on the road against the Buffalo Bills have the Giants at No. 13 in the aggregated power rankings from Real Clear Sports. A week ago, the Giants were No. 19.

We are doing things a little differently for the remainder of the season at Big Blue View. Each Tuesday, we will run a weekly playoff bracket. Chris's initial bracket shows the Giants sitting just outside the playoffs, but now with a much-improved 41.2 percent chance of getting into the playoffs. We will usually run the aggregated rankings from Real Clear Sports on Wednesday.

RCS uses seven sources -- SB Nation,, ESPN, CBS Sports, Pro Football Talk, FOX Sports and Sagarin Rankings -- and averages them to come up with a mathematical weekly ranking. Those rankings are usually tabulated on Wednesdays. This week, yours truly had to use those seven sources and tabulate the ranking manually. Thus, the delay.

By the way, is it a sign of the apocalypse that, for the first time, this season, our friends at have chosen to actually comment on the Giants in the mothership's power rankings, asking "are the Giants the league's most underrated team?"