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Giants 24, Bills 10: Post-game quotebook

Giants players react after an impressive victory over the Buffalo Bills.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

After looking impressive in the first three quarters of each game this season, the New York Giants finally finished a game strong against the Buffalo Bills. A big reason for that is the absolute clutch play by Rashad Jennings in the fourth quarter to seal the game.

Jennings: "We handled our ground"

Jennings went to explain in detail of how the play to save the game came to fruition. The Giants looked to play aggressively in this offensive series to keep the pressure on the Bills.

"Rex has a plethora of blitzes, formations and ways to confuse an offense," said Jennings. "And I think for the most part we handled our ground. We were able to play our football and you know stay on the pedal."

Eli Manning: "That was a huge play by Rashad"

Of course, the leader of the offense was especially happy by the effort Jennings showed on that play. The offense was looking flat for most of the second half until that big play by Jennings rejuvenated the offense.

"That was a huge play by Rashad, a great effort and we needed it," Manning said. "The team needed it. Offensively, we had not done anything this second half. Had some weird penalties and they had done a great job."

For Manning, the plan was only to get the first down only which makes the touchdown by Jennings all the more special.

"Just hoping for the first down. I didn't throw a great ball," Manning said. "Just hoping he would be able to catch it and make that first guy miss and just get the first down. And sure enough he goes down the sideline and a big play for us."

It wasn't completely perfect for the offense with some penalties and Manning's first interception this season.

"Not happy about the interception. The guy made a play. It was tough, he just drove on it. It was tough to see when I was throwing into double coverage. Usually throwing a slant is pretty safe, but he drove on it. We thrown a lot of them."

Justin Pugh: OL proving doubters wrong

For several seasons now, many pundits and even fans claimed of the demise of the Giants due to a terrible offensive line. Justin Pugh has heard of this talk often and is happy to prove the doubters wrong as the offensive line held up admirably against the tough Bills defense.

"Everyone wanted to say we had the worst O-line in football," Pugh said. "I mean, I guess it kind of speaks for itself...We were called worst offensive line in the league coming into last year, this year, too. Just keep proving we're not.''

The Giants aren't dead yet

Despite starting 0-2, the New York Giants have rebounded and are now in the mix of winning the NFC East. Several players have stayed confident in the team. Odell Beckham Jr. thinks the Giants have shown more than a typical 2-2 team.

"We're still 4-0 in my mind," Beckham said. "We lost 2 games. We didn't get beat, so in my mind, we're still 4-0."

Geoff Schwartz took to Twitter to show confidence in his team.

"They aren’t always pretty but we will take wins! D played lights out. 2-2 now. Gotta keep going."

Andre Williams was succinct in his view of the team. "The Giants are still relevant," he says.