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Fantasy Football: Week 8 FanDuel tournament lineup

Heading over the pond in search of fantasy goodness, this week's lineup is fit for the Queen.

Todd Gurley
Todd Gurley
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I'm running with the notion that firing a coach/coordinator IMMEDIATELY improves your team's performance, a la Dan "RoboCop" Campbell's saving of the Dolphins.  This week, the Detroit Lions fired OC Joe Lombardi, and his replacement, wait for it.....Jim Bob Cooter, is ready to bring the Tea Party to the Chiefs at Wembley field this weekend.  Blessed with perhaps the best football coach name EVER, Cooter has a bevy of offensive weapons at his disposal, and a rancid Chiefs secondary to exploit.  I'm going all in on my Lions stack; let's take a look at my full lineup for Sunday's slate.

Matthew Stafford, QB, DET, $7500

The Lions can't run the ball. The Chiefs can't defend the pass. Jim Bob Cooter is at the helm; what's not to love?

Charcandrick West, RB, KC, $6600

West had a breakout game against the Steelers' rugged run defense last week, and I envision more good things this week against a suspect Lions defense.

Todd Gurley, RB, STL, $8100

Chalky chalk. But until he has an off game, you have to play him. Pretty much everyone in the NFL is a "beast" by us mere mortal standards. Gurley is a BEAST.

Calvin Johnson, WR, DET $8600

I don't really like his price, but I'm willing to overlook that, mainly because of JIM BOB COOTER.

Steve Smith, WR, BAL  $6700

Smitty and the Ravens will not go gentle into that good night, and no one in the Chargers secondary can cover 89.

Alshon Jeffrey, WR, CHI, $7700

Alshon looked terrific in his first week back against the Lions, and has had an extra week to fully heal up during the Bears bye week.  Xavier Rhodes carries a lot of hype as an up-and-coming CB, but PFF has him graded as a bottom five corner this year.

Eric Ebron, TE, DET, $5500

The Lions triple stack in full effect.  Ebron is essentially a huge WR in the open field, and the Lions will take to the air this week against the Chiefs. And don't forget, JIM BOB COOTER.

Robbie Gould, K, CHI, $4600

Don't spend budget on kickers.  Gould has a good chance of multiple FG's and is almost minimum priced.

Houston Texans DST, $4700

The Texans got absolutely embarrassed last week, and I think they take out their revenge on the divisional rival Titans. Mettenberger will be making another start, and I see Clowney and Watt wrecking havoc in the Tennessee backfield all day long.