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Jason Pierre-Paul speaks to the media for the first time since accident

The Giants defensive end broke his nearly four-month silence today. We check in what Jason Pierre-Paul had to say.

Last July 4, Jason Pierre-Paul set in course a chain of actions that led to today. For the first time since seriously injuring his hand in a fireworks accident, the nine-fingered defensive end spoke to the media. Pierre-Paul began as you would expect; appreciative for his second chance.

And then things immediately took a turn for the strange.

Pierre-Paul explained a little about why he had the fireworks in the first place, but to declare it "not frightening" is a little weird, though he did later go on to mention that he would be celebrating Independence Day in a different manner next year.

Following this, the defensive end was questioned about his availability blackout -- a policy that extended not only to the media but to Giants' personnel as well.

It makes sense that Pierre-Paul would play it safe when answering questions for the first time since his accident. This was a highly personal and traumatic accident, and emotions ran high during the ordeal. He was wise to play things down and remain positive.

And then it appeared he slipped up. Well, sort of. Passing on a question isn't necessarily a mistake. He may have been advised by his agent and/or the team to not talk about this aspect of the process, though it's clear that this is the main angle for the story of Pierre-Paul's return. This is what the media want to know, and until he answers it, reporters will push him during their media availability periods.

In the meantime, he's going to focus on the now, and that means getting back to football. What will that look like?

Lastly, a word for his fans. There have been critics and die-hard Giants supporters, both sharing mixed opinions on the actions of the 26 year old franchise player. To the vast spectrum of fans out there, Pierre-Paul has just one message.