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Joe Thomas for Jason Pierre-Paul? Let's talk ridiculous NFL trade proposals

OK, let's play the ridiculous trades the Giants would love to make game.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Thomas to the New York Giants for Jason Pierre-Paul and a draft pick? That the best ESPN can do in terms of coming up with a Giants trade they would like to see before this Tuesday's NFL trade deadline? You've gotta be kidding me? Right? Right? Good Lord, I hope I'm right.

Trade deadlines, of course, bring out all sorts of silly trade proposals. The other day we had making the far-fetched proposal that the Giants should trade for Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. Now, in the spit of lunacy, and the never-ending effort to create page views and stir up non-sensical Internet rumors, ESPN has tossed this rubbish into the pile.

Thomas, the Cleveland Browns all-world offensive tackle, for Pierre-Paul and a pick? How does that even make any sense from the Giants' perspective? Yeah, I know Thomas is an eight-time Pro Bowl player. Yeah, he's be better than any tackle on the Giants' roster. But, for JPP and a pick? C'mon, man! Seems to me the biggest deficiency the Giants have is the pass rush, so you are going to trade away the one guy who MIGHT have a chance to help that the second half of the season? And give away a draft pick, too? Let's not forget that Will Beatty should be back on the field soon, making the tackle spot much less of an issue. If you trade away JPP, where is the hope of fixing the pass rush? And what does that do to a locker room that just welcomed him back with open arms?

In the spirit of, "I can play this game, too," here are five ridiculous trades I'd love to see the Giants make that will never happen.

  1. Markus Kuhn for Ndamukong Suh
  2. Todd Gurley for Andre Williams
  3. Craig Dahl for Earl Thomas
  4. Larry Donnell for Jimmy Graham
  5. Jon Beason for Luke Kuechly

Since I've open this can of worms, go ahead and toss in your own crazy, will never happen, player-for-player trade ideas.