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Tom Coughlin: Jason Pierre-Paul "very upbeat," but won't play Sunday

Coughlin talks about return of JPP, upcoming game vs. Saints.

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin stepped to the podium for his weekly press conference Wednesday to talk about the New Orleans Saints. As expected, though, once Coughlin was done with his opening statement about Sunday's opponent, he was peppered with questions about Jason Pierre-Paul, who will practice Wednesday for the first time.

"We're all rooting for him," Coughlin said. "He's had a very traumatic experience and he's done really what appears to be an outstanding job of preparing himself. He's mentally very upbeat, his attitude is outstanding. He's anxious to play right now, to be honest with you.

"They're gonna go relatively slow on that. It would be a wonderful thing to have him come back, get ready to play and play and contribute."

Let's run down some of what Coughlin said about JPP:

  • No, Pierre-Paul will not play Sunday against the Saints.
  • Pierre-Paul will "start with the medical team." He will do the jog-thrus and individual work. "How long that lasts is really according to how well they feel he's able to proceed," Coughlin said.
  • Coughlin said Pierre-Paul "looked good" and weighed in at "a good weight" of 268 pounds. "We'll just see how fast this comes along."
  • Coughlin said Pierre-Paul "will use that hand basically as he always has," and indicates that his technique has been to use it more as a club than for grabbing offensive linemen.
  • Coughlin said that JPP has "healed significantly" since the first time the Giants saw him. "The doctors feel that he can play and perform with his hand as it presently is."
  • "From the first time he came until now he's done everything he can to get back here," Coughlin said. "He feels it. He senses that it's close and that whatever we ask him to do he can do it."