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Jason Pierre-Paul update: JPP, Giants apparently moving closer to deal

Use this thread today to discuss the latest developments between Jason Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Al Bello/Getty Images

[UPDATE 4:32 p.m. ET]

FOX Sports is reporting that the Giants and Pierre-Paul are "on the verge" of a deal and that the Giants are hoping the defensive end will be ready to play by Week 10. That would be the post-bye week game against the New England Patriots.


[UPDATE 12:54 p.m. ET]


[UPDATE: 12:51 p.m. ET]


Jason Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants are apparently moving closer to a resolution of the conflict between the two sides resulting from injuries sustained by Pierre-Paul in Fourth of July fireworks mishap. Dan Graziano of ESPN reported earlier Tuesday that the two sides "are in talks about a one-year, incentive-laden deal."

The Giants, of course, had placed the franchise tag tender on Pierre-Paul, worth $14.8 million, prior to the July 4 accident that cost Pierre-Paul his right index finger and mangled the remaining part of his hand. The pro-rated portion of the franchise tag, which Pierre-Paul has not signed, is approximately $8.73 million.

Two deadlines to be aware of. The Giants and Pierre-Paul have until Nov. 17 to reach an agreement or the defensive end will not be eligible to play this season. The other deadline was July 15. Since we are past that date, the Giants can only sign JPP for the remainder of this season. If a long-term deal were to to be struck, it would have to come after this season.

Here is more on the JPP situation:

Stay tuned. We will update thi thread throughout the day as the story develops.