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Jason Pierre-Paul meets with Giants, per reports

So, what happens now?

The long-awaited second meeting between Jason Pierre-Paul and the New York Giants, appears to have finally begun, with multiple sources reporting that Pierre-Paul arrived at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center Monday afternoon. The news was first reported by Bleacher Report's Jason Cole.

ESPN is disputing the notion that Pierre-Paul has already arrived, saying only that discussions with JPP's agent were scheduled today.

Now there is this from the Daily News:

After severely damaging his hand in a Fourth of July fireworks accident and ultimately having his right index finger amputated, Pierre-Paul met with the Giants right before Week 1 of the season. Giants' doctors determined Pierre-Paul was unable to play at that time.

What will happen this time? That is unclear.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said earlier today that whatever happens it will "start with the medical."

Pierre-Paul never did sign the $14.8 million franchise tag, and there would appear to be no way the Giants would pay him that much even if he were to sign it now. The Giants could still place Pierre-Paul on the Non-Football Injury list and refuse to pay him at all should he sign the tag now.

The logical course of action, should Pierre-Paul pass a physical, is for the sides to agree to a revised, incentive-laden contract. Kim Jones of NFL Network said earlier that is the scenario the Giants are hoping for.

The pro-rated amount of the franchise tag that remains, 10/17ths, is $8.713 million. It would seem highly unlikely the Giants would guarantee Pierre-Paul even that much.