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Giants-Cowboys Final Score: Locker room reaction to Giants' 27-20 victory

Giants' players react following critical victory over Cowboys.

Jonathan Casillas pumps up the MetLife Stadium crowd
Jonathan Casillas pumps up the MetLife Stadium crowd
William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Here is some of the post-game reaction from members of the New York Giants following their much-needed 27-20 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

Jon Beason: "We're a scrappy bunch"

Middle linebacker Jon Beason, who had a team-high 11 tackles, echoed what has become a constant refrain around the Giants.

"We're a scrappy bunch. I still feel like we're leaving plays out there. We have a lot of room to grow. Whenever you think you have arrived, then that's it, that's the ceiling. We're going to go back and watch this tape closely. From a stats standpoint, it wasn't pretty, but we got the win. So we're happy about the win, huge divisional win for us. But we're going to go back and we know we can be better."

Rueben Randle on the Giants being "gritty"

"Well, it means that we're not going to stop, no matter what's thrown in front of us. We're going to face adversity each and every week, and it's not really going to affect us at all. We're still in the game ... and until the clock says zero, we still have a chance to win a game and that's why we're going to keep pushing."

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on his pick six

"Once I saw the release of it, it was outside and I had outside leverage. I didn't know if it was going for six, but I knew I was going to have a chance to get it."

DRC admitted coach Tom Coughlin "gave it to me a little bit" for show-boating as he headed toward the end zone.

"It's always a good feeling. It's just the emotions get the best of you. You can't do it all the time. You definitely know Coach is going to be right there waiting to get you, so I have to think twice about that."