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Giants vs. Cowboys Halftime Score: Dallas 13, Giants 10

The Cowboys lead the Giants after a hard-fought first half

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants have largely gone punch for punch with the Dallas Cowboys throughout the first half the division showdown.

The Giants got off to a strong start on offense, but the offense bogged down on its first two drives. However once Orleans Darkwa entered the game on the Giants' third drive, the offense seemed to find its rhythm. Darkwa ran strong for 47 yards on 6 carries, or 7.8 yards per carry, to go along with a touchdown.

The Giants' defense struggled to defend the run on the Cowboys' opening drive, but saw more success on subsequent drives.

The referees have made their presence felt with questionable calls and no-calls were made for and against both teams --including on Odell Beckham as he almost replicated his now famous catch from 2014.

The Giants will be on defense once again as the Cowboys get the ball to start the second half. Use this as your open thread for the second half.