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Giants' DE Damontre Moore fined $20K for hit on Bradford, per report

Moore's penalty cost the Giants, and now it has cost him some cash.

Damontre Moore has faced a heap of criticism this week -- including from yours truly -- after his late hit on Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford on Monday night. Well, now the NFL has reportedly piled on by hitting Moore with a $20K fine for the hit.

The Giants led, 7-0, and had apparently forced a Philadelphia punt when Moore was flagged. The Eagles then marched for a game-tying score.

Moore, in what was probably a poor choice of words, blamed a "poor football IQ" and head coach Tom Coughlin wondered aloud if he could trust the 23-year-old third-year player.

Speaking to Michael Eisen of, Coughlin expanded on his thoughts about Moore:

"He's not a rookie anymore, he's been around here. And he knows. But as many times as you talk - he comes in, he's humble, he was responsive, but it gets away from him. So you just keep pounding away," Coughlin said. "He's a talented young man that needs to pay more attention to the professionalism of his job."

I said enough in regards to my thoughts on Moore and I'm not going to belabor the issue. Here's hoping that this is a tipping point for Moore, who has an amazing 16 penalties in 37 NFL games, and that the message finally sticks. The Giants are starved for a pass rush, and Moore has the skill set to provide it. If he can stop hurting the Giants just as much as he's helping them.