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Giants news, 10/23: "Not a lot of trust" between Jason Pierre-Paul, Giants

New York Giants headlines for Friday, 10/23.

Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Here are some headlines for your Friday morning.

Jason Pierre-Paul situation explained

Defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul was supposed to visit the Giants this for a checkup of his damaged hand. Then, he wasn't. What is going on? Even Tom Coughlin isn't sure, saying "I wish I knew" when asked this week about the schedule for Pierre-Paul and the Giants to meet.

ESPN's Dan Graziano on Thursday posted an excellent breakdown of where things stand and where they could go from here. Two key lines from Graziano were "that the Giants "hold all the cards here" and "there's not a lot of trust between Pierre-Paul and the Giants at the present time."

Graziano also breaks down the three potential scenarios for how the JPP saga might play out.

More Headlines

Tom Coughlin believes Andre Williams, who has struggled in the ground game, needs more carries to be more effective.

Giants legendary linebacker Carl Banks is frustrated by Damontre Moore's poor judgment.

"I have a personal sense of frustration because of what my expectations are of him," Banks told me on Thursday. "I'm a fan of his talent. He's a high-energy player and he goes a hundred miles an hour, whether it's a mistake or not. And that's probably why he still has a job. He gives you everything he's got."

But . . .

"It's just that sometimes it's not directed for the right purposes," Banks said. ...

"He's one of those guys who holds your team hostage as to whether or not they can trust you, whether or not they can count on you," Banks said. "It's like you can't live with him and can't live without him, so you have to try to find a happy medium and hold your breath. But that shouldn't be the case with his level of talent."

Pat Traina breaks down some personnel decision the Giants need to consider. Pat, incidentally, seems to agree with Ed that Victor Cruz should already be on short-term IR.

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What will the Giants' game plan on offense look like when they take the field against Dallas?

The Giants need to get Odell Beckham Jr. the ball more in the second half.

Who is Jesse picking in this week's contests?

'Big Blue Chat'

Pat and Ed discuss the state of the Giants in this week's podcast. Giants' fullback/defensive tackle Nikita Whitlock drops in for a visit.