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NFL Power Rankings 2015, Week 7: Giants No. 15 in aggregated rankings

How do national rankings compare to our own?

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On Tuesday, Chris placed your New York Giants No. 13 in his Big Blue View NFL Power Rankings for Week 7. Too? Too low? Let's compare our rankings to those around the Internet.

As it it turns out, our ranking for the 3-3 Giants is only slightly higher than the aggregated average from a variety of sources. Using the 10 rankings, the Giants end up with an average ranking of 14.6, so No. 15 overall. That's a drop of four spots from last week's ranking of No. 11.

The view here is that middle of the pack is just about right for a middling that team that could be better -- but could also be worse -- six games into the season. -- 14 (down 4)

Yes, the Giants are still reeling from the Fourth of July. Opposing quarterbacks routinely ignore New York's pass rush, or lack thereof.

On the other side of the ball ...

The play calling on Monday night either left something to be desired, or the Eagles just knew everything that was coming. Combined with the fact that Rueben Randle looks hobbled and Eli Manning kept getting hit ... You get the point.

Pro Football Talk -- 14 (down 5)

How does a team go from looking so bad to so good to so bad?

Yahoo Sports -- 13 (down 1)

USA Today -- 14 (down 1)

ESPN -- 14 (down 2)

CBS Sports -- 17 (down 7)

FOX Sports -- 17 (down 7)

Careless mistakes have too frequently been the norm for the Giants in 2015. Although once considered to be uncharacteristic of a Tom Coughlin-led team, these mistakes -- from unnecessary penalties to turnovers -- have surfaced more than they should over the last three seasons.

Pro Football Focus -- 18

The Sporting News -- 11 (down 2)

Sagarin -- 14