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Big Blue View Power Rankings, Week 7: Giants slide, but not that far

The Giants fall down the rankings after an embarrassing Monday night, but how far?

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We're changing things up a bit in our weekly NFL Power Rankings. Rather than looking to see where the teams would be if the season ended today, we're going a bit more traditional, taking a look at record, who -- and how -- the teams have played, and what the general sense of where the team might be headed going forward.

In the parenthesis are the teams' records and their chance of making the playoffs according to

The Rankings

1) New England Patriots (5-0, 98.6%)

2) Cincinnati Bengals (6-0, 96.8%)

3) Green Bay Packers (6-0, 98.5%)

4) Carolina Panthers (6-0, 88.0%)

5) Atlanta Falcons (5-1 85.4%

6) Arizona Cardinals (4-2, 68.3%)

7) Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2, 61.8%)

8) Denver Broncos (6-0, 96.2%)

9) New York Jets (4-1, 72.5%)

10) Indianapolis Colts (3-3, 80.8%)

11) Minnesota Vikings (3-2, 43.3%)

12) Philaldelphia Eagles (3-3, 57.8%)

13) New York Giants (3-3, 28.3%)

14) Dallas Cowboys (2-3, 28.2%)

15) St. Louis Rams (2-3, 28.9%)

16)  Oakland Raiders (2-3,  4.5%)

17) Buffalo Bills (3-3, 25.8%)

18) Cleveland Browns (2-4, 2.2%)

19) Huston Texans (2-4, 15.1%)

20) San Diego Charger (2-4,13.0%)

21) Miami Dolphins (2-3, 12.1%)

22) Seattle Seahawks (2-4, 41.1%)

23) San Francisco 49ers (2-4, 5.0%)

24) New Orleans Saints (2-4, 12.5%)

25) Tennessee Titans (1-5, 5.4%)

26) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-3, 3.6%)

27) Chicago Bears (2-4, 1.7%)

28) Washington Redskins (2-4, 7.6%)

29) Baltimore Ravens (1-5, 5.5%)

30) Kansas City Chiefs (1-5, 8.2%)

31) Detroit Lions (1-5, 1.9%)

32) Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5, 1.5%)

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I didn't expect to rank the Giants nearly as highly as I did after after Monday night's debacle.

However, as sloppy as they looked the Giants still have one of the best quarterbacks and best wide receivers in the league. They also should be getting upgrades at multiple spots over the coming weeks as Robert Ayers, Devon Kennard, Will Beatty, and Prince Amukamara return to action.

Bitter feelings about being embarrassing themselves in a game against a division rival aside, the prospects of getting four potential Pro Bowl players back over the coming weeks gives reason for hope. If Victor Cruz and Jason Pierre-Paul can return and be anything like the players they were before their injuries, this starts to look like a completely different team.

If the season were to end today,the Giants would be in a battle with the Vikings for the last Wild Card slot, coming in somewhere between 12 and 14 overall.

Despite what the percentages say, the season is far from over and the story of the Giants' 2015 season is still being written. The Giants' division foes haven't looked any better than the Giants did Monday night

Also, and this is more of a commentary on the NFL as a whole and not the GIants, there is a lot of bad football being played right now. Not only are teams making sloppy mistakes, mental and execution errors far too late in the season, but injuries seem to be way up the last couple years. Despite being less than halfway through a 10-year CBA, perhaps it's time to go back and bargain a new practice schedule. Let the coaches have the practice time to more thoroughly ease players in to the rigors of a season and really teach them.

I'm too young to go all "Back in MY day..." but it seems like the game really was better six, seven, eight years ago, and I believe the heavily curtailed offseason schedule is a big reason why.