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Report: Jason Pierre-Paul to report to Giants within two weeks

Here we go again.

Jason Pierre-Paul will report to the New York Giants within two weeks, according to a report from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report.

Cole's report hits all the salient points, and points we have gone over many times, in regard to Pierre-Paul:

  • He and his representatives believe he will be ready to play in a couple of weeks.
  • He has been working with a former NFL defensive line coach to refine his technique to compensate for the loss of a finger.
  • There is no guarantee that Pierre-Paul will pass a physical with the Giants when and if he does report. Cole, astutely, points out that the whatever the Giants record is at the time may play into whether they are actually willing to pass Pierre-Paul and, of course, pay him.

Pierre-Paul finally allowed the Giants to examine the hand he mangled in a July 4 fireworks accident right before the regular season began. The Giants determined at the time that he was not capable of playing. Pierre-Paul never signed the franchise tag tender the Giants placed on him. He has until Week 10 of the season to do so or he has to sit out the season. Thus, it behooves him to make another effort to pass a physical.

We'll see where this goes. The Giants could use pass-rush help, but there is no guarantee Pierre-Paul will be in any condition to provide that help when he does report. If Pierre-Paul reports and the Giants again deem him not ready to play, that's when some real fireworks between the two sides could erupt.