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Giants vs Eagles 2015, Week 6: Scout's eye on the Giants' defense

Former scout Dan Hatman shares some observations about the Giants' defense.

Steve Spagnuolo
Steve Spagnuolo
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

With the New York Giants facing the Philadelphia Eagles Monday night, Dan Hatman, director of The Scouting Academy and a former pro scout for both organizations, broke down the Giants' defense. Here are some of his observations.

These, incidentally, are somewhat in a scout's short-hand, so you may have to decipher a little bit.

  • Spags is mixing Over and Under fronts (43 and 34 looks) with his Cov 3 shell, looks like elements of BLT
  • NYG consistently got 8 in the box vs SF 12 and 13 Personnel
Defensive line
  • Johnathan Hankins is showing excellent K&D (key and diagnose)  skills with vision in the backfield = disruptive
  • Damontre Moore still does not show a conversion to power, which limits his game
  • Moore and Owa Odighizuwa sub in for 95 Hankins and 96 Bromley in rush packages
  • SF best runs came in the secondnd half, attacking the weakside of the formation and Moore with Inside Zone and Counter runs
  • All NYG LBs will fill aggressively with clear path to the ball carrier
  • J.T. Thomas did not show the ability to shed vs OL, can be neutralized
  • Mark Herzlich is a large step down from Devon Kennard, lacks functional strength at POA (point of attack) and AA (athletic ability) in space
  • Thomas and Uani Unga struggle to pattern match after PA and Unga struggles with this in basic Zone drops, exacerbated on Zone Blitzes with DL dropping, open hot reads over the middle.
Defensive backs
  • Dominique Rodgers Cromartie will show WRs to both LDC and RDC.
  • DBs have issues shedding blocks and tackling in space
  • NYG secondary showing improved cohesiveness and ability to exchange routes, speaks to SF desire to stay in 21/12/13 personnel to keep NYG in base and attack LBs
  • Consistent Man coverage (2 Man and 1 Robber) on 3rd down and long and other obvious passing situations.

Hatman has also tweeted a series of observations detailing how he expects the Eagles to attack the Giants' defense.