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Daniel Fells has "real chance" of being released from the hospital this week

Reports surface on the condition of Daniel Fells' battle with a MRSA infection.

Steven Ryan-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of Daniel Fells' battle with a MRSA infection on his foot, many rumors spread of a possible need for a foot amputation and that his life may be in danger. Now it appears that Fells' situation has a taken a turn for the better as doctors are now confident that they do not need to amputate his foot, according to a report by Ian Rapoport. Not only do they believe that they can save his foot, doctors are optimistic about his situation and that he is "looking good."

The New York Giants tight end can breathe a sigh of relief as the ramifications of a MRSA infection at this stage could have been very dangerous.  Fells had to undergo seven surgeries so far to combat the infection and even though his condition is improving, there are still at least two more surgeries scheduled. Despite this, there is a "real chance" that he could be released from the hospital this week.

Even though Fells is expected to not need an amputation, he is still likely forced to retire from playing football as according to Rapoport, his foot is "forever damaged."