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Jon Beason: "Cowardly move" from 49ers' Alex Boone caused concussion

Giants' linebacker doesn't hold back in ripping 49er lineman.

Jon Beason
Jon Beason
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

New York Giants linebacker Jon Beason Friday blamed "a coward move" by San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Alex Boone for the concussion that knocked him out of Sunday night's game.

Here is Beason's entire quote:

"I can honestly say that if I hadn't gotten pushed in the back, I wouldn't have been concussed. It's unfortunate when another player, Alex Boone to be exact, can reach out, grab you from behind, and then deliberately push you in the back. It's hard enough to stay healthy in this league. I think it was a cowardly move, didn't show any sportsmanship, no regard for another player, their career. It could have been a lot worse. So it is what it is. I never saw (Carlos) Hyde because I was too busy trying to keep my balance from being pushed from behind. I wanted to get that out there, I hope it goes back to him and that's how I feel. That's how I feel. Now we can talk about how I feel. I feel great, thanks for asking."

Beason described the play:

"It was a stretch play to my right. Alex Boone came up to block me, I got over the block and I had cleared him. Then he reached out, horse-collared me, and then pushed me and I never saw Hyde. So I never saw Hyde because my head was down, which I've been tackling people for a long time. I have several hundred tackles and I've never had a recorded concussion, I've never been delusional or what not. I didn't know what happened, but once you watch the play, it's clear there's intent there, not necessarily to harm, but you have to have some regard for other players in terms of the rules. That's why the rules are created, for a reason."

I would have pulled the video myself, but thank you Art Stapleton for doing the work for me:

Boone, of course, has responded:

It is impossible to know how hard Boon pushed Beason, but it is clear that the San Francisco offensive lineman did shove Beason into Hyde. That has to be why you see Beason, head down, go helmet first into Hyde's chest. Judge for yourself if you think Boone's play was dirty.

Beason has been cleared and did practice with the Giants on Friday. He should play Monday against the Philadelphia Eagles.