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Oh those injuries! How do Giants stack up with the rest of the league?

Overall, not as bad as you might think.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries drive New York Giants fans, not to mention head coach Tom Coughlin, nuts. We know the Giants have led the league in games lost to injury the past two seasons, and we know this week's injury list appears daunting. How bad is the Giants' 2015 injury situation in comparison to the rest of the league?

As a fan, and even as a member of the media covering the Giants, it is easy to get so tunneled in on the team that you don't see or recognize what is going on around the rest of the league.

The Giants had 11 players on their injury report Thursday , five of whom were listed as did not practice and one, Prince Amukamara, already declared out for Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Those numbers, though, don't make the Giants anywhere close to the league's most injured team. There were eight teams who had more players on their Thursday injury list than the Giants. The Houston Texans had 19. Yes, 19. The Jacksonville Jaguars had 17. The Buffalo Bills had 14, with 10 players who did not practice. Seven other teams had five or more players who did not practice.

The Giants currently have nine players on IR. Per Spotrac, there are four teams with more. The Pittsburgh Steelers have 13 player on IR already. The Giants have $3.748 million in salary cap on IR. That, incidentally, is only 22nd in the league. It tells you that the Giants have not suffered as many injuries to marquee players as several other teams.

Amukamara probably didn't help Giants' fans looking for an explanation for the team's injuries when he made this comment when asked if he wonders why the Giants can't stay healthy:

"Sometimes, I do, sometimes I don't because you never really know. It's a physical game, sometimes it can be a fluke injury. There's like 60 guys on this team and each one has a different way they eat, a different way they work out, a different way they hydrate themselves. There's probably so many factors."

None of this, of course, helps the mood when the Giants are facing the possibility of playing the Eagles without their three top wide receivers, their best linebacker, a starting cornerback and their best pass-rushing defensive end.

Point is, though, it is football and guys get hurt. The Giants' injury situation isn't good but but they aren't alone, and at this point in the season they haven't been hit nearly as hard by injuries as several teams in the league.