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Giants 30, 49ers 27: Anatomy of a game-winning drive

Let's look at a play-by-play of the Giants' game-winning drive.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports


1:41, first-and-10, Giants' 18-yard line -- Manning feels pressure from both edges, which was there much of the night despite never being sacked. He finds a gaping hole up the middle, runs for 11 yards, skips the slide and tries to get out of bounds. He ends up taking a pretty solid shot as a result.

1:19, first-and-10, Giants 29-yard line -- Manning has time, but knows it won't last forever. He checks down to Shane Vereen, who has safety Jacquiski Tartt beaten across the middle. Vereen turns the quick dump off into an 11-yard play.

1:11, first-and-10, Giants' 40-yard line -- After a timeout, Manning tries to hit Myles White at the San Francisco 40-yard line. In live action, this ball looked underthrown. In reality, Manning is throwing a back-shoulder fade and White didn't recognize it quickly enough. Hardly surprising since this is White's first week on the active roster.

1:06, second-and-10, Giants' 40-yard line -- Taking advantage of what looked some type of umbrella coverage that allowed the quick throw to the running back, Manning hits Vereen across the middle again. Before and San Francisco tacklers can close in on him, Vereen scampers for 16 yards and the Giants are in business in 49ers territory.

:50, first-and-10, 49ers' 44-yard line -- The Giants are charged a timeout they didn't want when referee Walt Coleman mis-read a Manning hand signal, thinking he was asking for a timeout. After that fiasco, Manning nearly creates a bigger, game-ending fiasco. Trying to step up in the pocket, he short arms a throw down the middle toward White that is apparently intercepted by Tramaine Brock. Replay overturns the call, though, and the Giants keep possession.

:45, second-and-10, 49ers' 44-yard line -- Manning, under pressure from his right, throws the ball away. In all honesty, this one was a borderline play that could have been called intentional grounding. So, another break for the Giants here.

:40, third-and-10, 49ers' 44-yard line -- As many times as offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo has been criticized for play selection, give him credit here. McAdoo dials up a screen to Vereen, Manning executes it about as well as he's ever executed a screen and Weston Richburg basically escorts San Francisco's Keith Reaser into the next county as Vereen gains 24 yards.

:30, first-and-10, 49ers' 20-yard line -- After a Giants' timeout, left guard Justin Pugh limps off. The Giants go to Beckham, who had re-entered following the replay reversal. Kenneth Acker clearly grabs Beckham's jersey and gets called for pass interference, giving the Giants a first down at the 12-yard line.

:26, first-and-10, 49ers' 12-yard-line -- Manning gives a little pump to his left, re-sets his feet and -- as he told Larry Donnell he would -- throws Donnell open. He throws a ball over San Francisco linebacker Navarro Bowman that only Donnell can reach. The tight end channels his Beckham and David Tyree impersonations and hauls in a phenomenal catch. Giants win!

There you have it, folks. Your game-winning drive.