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Giants-49ers Halftime Score: Giants 13, 49ers 6 -- Giants lead despite leaving points on the field

Use this as your second half open thread

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

This game has so far has largely been dominated by the New York Giants.

Despite being increasingly ravaged by injury, the Giants' defense has played with the white-hot motor and rabid hustle that have come characterize the unit. Kerry Wynn has continued to make a name for himself at defensive end in the absence of Robert Ayers and George Selvie. On the inside of the defensive line, Jay Bromley has seen his first prolonged play of the season and has flashed alongside stalwart John Hankins.

Behind them, Jon Beason exited the game with a concussion, forcing Uani Unga to once again be the every-down middle linebacker in his absence.

On offense, Odell Beckham showed that perhaps he wasn't a Prima Dona living off a single catch a year ago, with 5 catches for 89 yards in the first half. Rueben Randle pitched in as well with some tough catches of his own. And after dropping the first NFL pass to come his way, Will Tye made his first reception, then his second, and then his third as the UDFA from Stony Brook flashed the athleticism that let Stony Brook use the tight end as a punt returner.

Despite the Giants 13 point lead, they could be leading by much more if it weren't for some untimely drops, and an Eli Manning interception.

Eli Manning will look to rebound from the brutal interception to end the half when the Giants get the ball to start the second half.