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Giants vs. 49ers 2015, Week 5: Big Blue View staff predictions

Will the Giants win Sunday night? Here is what your Big Blue View staff writers think.

Your 2-2 New York Giants are 7-point favorites over the 1-3 San Francisco 49ers. It's a game they should win, and that most everyone expects them to win. Do your Big Blue View staff writers agree? Let's look at this week's staff predictions for Giants-49ers.

Alex Sinclair (4-0)

I'm strangely optimistic this week. In my head, I can't see the Giants losing this game. The Niners have had at least one side of the ball let them down in each of the last three games, and New York are on the verge of their first dominant and complete win. If they can close out the fourth quarter -- for once this season! -- then they should be in business. I'm expecting a big game from Shane Vereen if he can get matched up on a linebacker and I think this might be the game where Landon Collins gets his first career interception. I think it'll be close in the first half, but the Giants pull away in the second with a strong finish.

Final score: Giants 34, 49ers 13

Chris Pflum (0-4)

I checked with Ed, and he confirmed that the Giants did indeed play 60 minutes of solid football (albeit with some considerable wheel spinning in the third, but they came back and won the fourth quarter). So I'm allowing myself the option to pick the Giants to win again.

And I'm doing so. That doesn't mean I don't have cause to be nervous though. Having Kuhn available while Robert Ayers, Devon Kennard, and George Selvie is not a great trade-off. Add to that the more intangible anxiety I get when the Giants are playing to honor someone or something. But the 9ers are in disarray, and their only team strength plays right to the Giants greatest strength. If you want to win in the NFL, you need to beat the teams you're supposed to beat. The Giants are supposed to be the better team, so they just have to figure out how to play without two of their best defenders and find a way to win. I think the run defense continues to be legit, and Odell Beckham has a huge bounce-back game after being called a Prima-Dona in Buffalo.

Final score: Giants 27, 49ers 17

Jesse Bartolis (1-3)

[From Jesse's weekly picks against the point spread]

Typical Giants fan here. This game has me nervous. The Giants best defensive player this year maybe be Devon Kennard and he looks like he'll be out. It's a Sunday night game which always brings out the best in people. Colin Kaepernick has had some very good prime-time moments and the 49ers were good in prime time the first week of the season.

I don't love how some Giants players are talking about how they should be 4-0. I don't like how disrespected the 49ers are in general. Really what it is is I don't trust the Giants as heavy favorites.

Now there are reasons to be very optimistic about this game -- the Giants are an opportunistic defense and the 49ers turn the ball over too much. The 49ers strength is running the football and the Giants run defense might legitimately be the best run defense in the league, not just from the numbers but based on their size up front. The Giants have a very strong advantage in the head coaching department where Jim Tomusla is pretty much a caricature of what a NFL head coach should be. The Giants can't rush the passer, but the 49ers are equally as bad at blocking up front so the Giants should be able to apply more pressure than they have in any other game this year. The 49ers are very beatable in the secondary and the Giants happen to have one of the most dynamic offensive weapons in the game. The Giants are home.

The Giants should win this game big, but they are the New York Giants.

Pick: Giants (no score provided)

Mike Gallop (3-1)

Two pretty remarkable facts after the first month of the season:

1. The Giants are a few awful bonehead plays away from being 4-0 with a dominant lead in the NFC East and,
2. The Giants defense is GOOD!

Though we've had a tendency in the past to play down to our competition, I don't see that in primetime on SNF. At home against the reeling Niners, the G-men should showcase to the MetLife crowd and the national audience that we are a legitimate contender, and I expect a thorough trouncing of Kaepernick and company.

Final score: Giants 35, Niners 14

Stephen Milewski (2-2)

The Giants have strung together two impressive wins, but still have fourth quarter woes. However, I don't think this is something fans should have to worry about this week. The passing attack is starting to click, and the Giants offense is a good bet to score at least 20 points each game. The 49ers do still have some solid front seven players, such as NaVorro Bowman and Aaron Lynch, but are not nearly the same dominant bunch they were a few years ago. On the other side of the ball, the Giants have the best rushing defense in the league, and should be able to slow down Carlos Hyde and Colin Kaepernick.

My X-Factor this week is Owamagbe Odighizuwa, who should receive more playing time with George Selvie out. The rookie has all of the physical tools to excel both in pass and run coverage, and the Giants' athleticism on the edge will be important in containing Kaepernick, who is a much bigger threat on the ground than in the air. Against a shaky 49ers offensive line (especially the right side), I expect Odighizuwa to have a "coming out party" of sorts and provide constant pressure on the quarterback to help aide the Giants to cruise to their third straight victory and more importantly, over the .500 mark.

Final score: Giants 38, 49ers 17

Keane Macadaeg (2-2)

This game plays right into the Giants hands perfectly. Their elite run defense will look to contain Carlos Hyde. After having good games against rushing offenses like the Cowboys, Redskins and Bills I am confident in the ability to stop the run once more. The 49ers OL is a mess at pass protection as Colin Kaepernick is racking up the hits unlike any other this season. Even the woeful pass rushing Giants will get their pressure.

The 49ers defense is also bottom five unit using traditional or advanced statistics. The conservative Giants offense won't look to rack up the points but they should still have a relatively easy time moving the chains. Oh and the Giants are home against a west coast team which is another huge benefit.

Final score: Giants 28, 49ers 17

Valentine's View (2-2)

Scary, but we are going to make it a clean sweep in terms of the predictions here. There is absolutely no reason to pick against the Giants here. There is reason to be concerned, with defensive injuries and that annoying tendency over the years to play down to the level of struggling competition.

This, however, is a game the Giants should win. It's a game they HAVE TO WIN if they are going to be taken seriously as a contender. If the Giants play with the determination they showed the past two weeks, and don't give the 49ers easy opportunities with turnovers, they should win this game.

Final score: Giants 31, 49ers 20

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