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Giants news, 10/10: Antonio Cromartie -- Odell Beckham Jr. a "one-year wonder"

New York Giants headlines for Saturday, 10/10.

Antonio Cromartie
Antonio Cromartie
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, New York Giants fans. Here are your Saturday morning headlines.

Jets' Antonio Cromartie calls out Odell Beckham

It looks like the trash talk between the Giants and New York Jets has started early. Why wait until the teams meet on Dec. 6? Appearing on Sports Nation, Cromartie did not list Beckham among his top three wide receivers (Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson) and then called Beckham a "one-year wonder."

Cromartie is sort of right, since Beckham has only played 17 NFL games. Still, his first 16 were better than any receiver in NFL history. I guess now we've got two whole months to build up Jets-Giants.

More Giants headlines

Buffalo Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes has been fined more than $30K for his actions during last Sunday's game against the Giants.

Hughes was fined $8,681 for unnecessary roughness - head-butting Giants rookie left tackle Ereck Flowers. And he was slammed for $23,152 for abusive language towards an official.

Ex-Giant Antonio Pierce says the last two games show the team is still fighting for Tom Coughlin:

You see them battling; they haven’t quit; they haven’t given up on Coach Coughlin. It seems like every year, you think his team is going to tap out on him, and he gets the most out of them. That’s one thing you can say Coach Coughlin has done with the Giants since he’s been there—he’s gotten the most out of each and every team that he’s ever coached. Sometimes the players don’t pan out. But his style, his methods have been the same. I was in the locker room before the game two weeks ago when they got their first win against Washington, and just listening to him talk, it was back to ’07, ’08. He hasn’t changed his method, his mindset, of how to approach the team.

That's nice to know, since another ex-Giants -- Baltimore Ravens safety Will Hill -- recently took a poke at his ex-coach

"Age ... rings. When I got with Tom, he was more laid back then previous years. Guys usually tell me when he got into the league he was a stickler. He was uptight, but in his later years he was very calm, cool, but he had those times that you had to be on time. Everything was five minutes early. If you got there and the meeting was 8:00 you're supposed to be there 7:55. You get there 8:00 and you're late. He was more militant. Harbaugh, he's more of a player's coach right now. He asks us for feedback and he actually goes off most people like ‘what do you think?...oh alright, ok'. He actually listens to his players and becomes one with his players. We're really in sync with our head coach and when I was with the Giants, we'll be there for our coach...but with Harbaugh you'll go to back for him anytime because he's so in tune with the players.

"I'm always early. I'd get there 15 minutes early."

WFAN's Paul Dottino offers his thoughts on what to watch for in Giants-49ers.

Giants tight end Daniel Fells remains hospitalized with MRSA, and is scheduled for a fifth surgery this weekend.

The Giants are just pretenders if they can't beat the 49ers, writes Steve Serby of the New York Post:

If you want to be somebody in this league, if you want to shock the experts and be a contender, you take nothing and no one for granted. You look at the 49ers and you do not see a team on the decline. You see Joe Montana at quarterback and Jerry Rice catching his passes and Roger Craig in the backfield and Charles Haley rushing the passer and Ronnie Lott headhunting in the secondary.

You take care of business the way the Patriots do, the way the Patriots did against the poor Jaguars. The Giants, of course, are not the Patriots. But if you lose at home to the Jim Tomsula 49ers one week after Buffaloing the Bills, you reveal yourself to be a pretender.

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