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Giants free agents 2015: Keep or cut Quintin Demps?

Quintin Demps
Quintin Demps
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Giants signed Quintin Demps last off-season hoping that the journeyman safety/kickoff return man would provide depth on defense and boost a return game that finished near the bottom of the league in 2013.

Well, things didn't work out according to plan for Demps and the Giants.

Thanks to the waiving of Will Hill after his third NFL-imposed drug suspension, a season-ending injury to Cooper Taylor, and some ineffective play from Stevie Brown, Demps ended up playing far more on defense than the Giants probably planned. Or wanted.

Demps started nine games on defense for the Giants after starting only six (all in 2013 with the Kansas City Chiefs) during the FIRST SIX YEARS of his NFL career. He played 641 snaps, the second-most of his career, and basically played the way you would expect a journeyman safety play. He finished with a -5.1 Pro Football Focus grade. As the year progressed, he was often the third safety on the field along with Brown and Antrel Rolle, functioning as the "box" safety.

The Giants expected Demps' biggest impact to come on kickoff return. He entered the season with a career average of 27.4 yards on 96 kickoff returns and in 2013 with the Kansas City Chiefs averaged 30.1 yards per return. This season, though, Demps looked lost on returns. He averaged only 21.3 yards on 12 returns, losing that job first to Michael Cox and then Preston Parker.

Valentine's View: Cut Demps. He is a great guy, but he brought nothing to the Giants on the field that can't be replaced, or improved upon.

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