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Perry Fewell firing: What others are saying about ouster of defensive coordinator

We have opinions on this here at BBV. So do a whole lot of other people. Here are some of those.

Perry Fewell
Perry Fewell
Scott Halleran/Getty Images

In the wake of Perry Fewell's ouster as New York Giants defensive coordinator let's take brief look around the Inter-Google at what others are saying about the move, and about who might be next in line for the Giants.

Giants Make Right Decision by Letting Go of Perry Fewell | Bleacher Report

... there were far too many instances — even before the injuries started to occur — where the defense gave up a big play, the result of confusion by the players not being certain what to do. It was also noted that the complexity of Fewell’s defense, which might not have fit what the players were seeing on the field, might have been more of a problem than anyone was willing to admit.

Giants should look ahead, not back, with new defensive coordinator - New York Giants Blog - ESPN New York

There's nothing wrong with Steve Spagnuolo as a defensive coordinator candidate for the New York Giants. They know him. They like him. Tom Coughlin is comfortable with him, and he'd excite a good portion of the fan base with memories of the 2007 season and Super Bowl XLII.

I just don't think that's the way the Giants should go.

Potential replacements

Everybody has a list. Here are some of them:

Possible replacements for Perry Fewell - ESPN New York

Steve Spagnuolo, Mike Nolan among potential Giants defensive coordinator candidates |

Perry Fewell fired: Spags top list of possible replacements - NY Daily News

A look at possible replacements for Perry Fewell - Newsday-ny