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Perry Fewell, Tom Quinn 'most likely' to return to Giants -- report

Nothing official yet, but it looks like the old gang is staying together.

Perry Fewell
Perry Fewell
The Star-Ledger-USA TODAY Sports

Newsday is reporting that embattled defensive coordinator Perry Fewell and special teams coordinator Tom Quinn will "most likely" return to the New York Giants in 2015. Newsday's Tom Rock reported Monday morning that while head coach Tom Coughlin is "still evaluating" that "it appears everyone on the coaching staff is coming back."

If that is correct, and no announcement about the coaching staff has come from the Giants, the decisions will likely not sit well with much of the fan base. Jordan Ranaan reported that Fewell has not been informed "one way or the other." The logical thought process here would be that the longer we go without any official announcement from the Giants the more likely it would appear that Fewell will be back for a sixth season.

Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News added to the drumbeat by writing that Fewell and Quinn are "almost certainly coming back."

Fewell's ouster had been anticipated since the Giants suffered through a disappointing defensive season. The Giants finished the league 29th in total defense, allowing 375.8 yards per game. They were 30th against the run (135.1 yards per game), last in the league in yards allowed per rushing attempt (4.9), 18th against the pass (240.6 yards per game) and 23rd in scoring defense (25.0 points per game).

Here is a look at the overall success, or lack thereof, of the Giants' defense during Fewell's tenure.

2014: Yards per game, 375.8 (29th); Points per game, 25.0 (23rd)
2013: Yards, 332.2 (8th); Points, 23.9 (18th)
2012: Yards, 383.4 (31st); Points, 21.5 (12th)
2011: Yards, 367.6 (22nd); Points, 23.1 (21st)
2010: Yards, 310.6 (7th); Points, 24.4 (21st)

Quinn has been a target of Giants fans for several seasons now.

Heading into what co-owner John Mara admitted could be described as a "win or else" season for Coughlin, it appears that the veteran coach is going to sink or swim with the coaches he already has in place.