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Giants' Marc Ross to Philadelphia Eagles as GM?

Is Ross the right fit to run Chip Kelly's personnel department?

Could Chip Kelly's GM come from the Giants?
Could Chip Kelly's GM come from the Giants?
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Chip Kelly, after being handed the keys to the kingdom by the Philadelphia Eagles, needs to find the organization a new general manager. Could that be Marc Ross, the New York Giants vice president of player evaluation?

At least one scribe, Mark Eckel of NJ. Advance Media, is campaigning for Ross to get the job.

Sunday, Eckel listed Ross as one of five potential candidates for the post, and wrote that "There isn't a better talent evaluator in the league."

Monday morning, Eckel endorsed Ross, who "fits all the criteria," for the post:

The guy can run a draft, which the Eagles need, and he's been involved in the game now for close to 20 years.

Knowledge, intelligence, experience, great talent evaluator. Maybe this choice isn't so tough after all.

Just because one writer is recommending him for the job, doesn't mean the Giants' No. 2 personnel man behind GM Jerry Reese really is a candidate for the job. Ross to the Eagles, however, is worthy of discussion.

Ross is a Pennsylvania native. He did work for the Eagles from 1997 until joining the Buffalo Bills in 2004, beginning as a regional scout and being promoted to director of college scouting in 2000, when he was only 27.

Do we really know if Ross "can run a draft?" Do we really know if he is a "great talent evaluator?" We don't sit in the Giants' draft room, so we don't know they dynamics. Reese, however, is the GM and he is in charge. The Giants drafts have been better the past two years, but there was a long stretch from 2009-2012 where they left much to be desired. How much blame does Ross get for that?

What we do know is that Ross has been with the Giants since Reese took over as GM in 2007. We know that Ross interviewed for five vacant general manager posts after the 2012 season and didn't get offers for any of those openings. We know that his name has been mentioned this year as a possibility for the vacant GM job with the Chicago Bears.

Could Ross really end up in Philadelphia? What sort of impact would that have on the Giants' 2015 draft, since Ross is in charge of leading the talent evaluation heading into that?

Nobody knows for sure at this point whether there is any more to this than one scribe's opinion. It is, however, something to consider.