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Odell Beckham sets world record for one-handed catches

Odell Beckham is the current world record holder for one handed catches in one minute.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

We wondered earlier today if New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. would be able to set the world record for one handed catches.

In order to set the record, Beckham had to successfully catch 10 passes from a distance of 10 yards in a minute or less. For the catch to count he had to control the ball with one hand, and could use his body to trap the ball.

The question was answered on live TV when Beckham did just that with Drew Brees throwing the ball.

Then he did it again.

Then he did it again.

And then some.

Beckham and Brees ultimately connected for 33 catches in one minute. That's impressive enough, but at one point Beckham used the same hand he was catching with to steady an unstable basket, and then started tossing balls back to Brees when they threw more than they had on hand.

I think it's safe to say: The kid is pretty good, and if this is what the Giants get to see in practice every day, training camp is going to be fun to watch.