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Ex-Giant Will Hill in trouble with the law, again

Warrant issued for his arrest in New Jersey on charges of failing to pay child support -- again.

Will Hill
Will Hill
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens are learning the hard way that life with Will Hill is never easy. The former New York Giants safety is in trouble with the law again, with TMZ  reporting that a warrant has been issued for his arrest on charges of failure to pay child support.

The Giants tired of Hill's act last offseason, cutting the talented but unreliable Hill after his third league-imposed suspension for a violation of the NFL substance abuse policy. The 2014 suspension covered six games. Hill was also arrested in 2013 for failing to pay child support.

Hill told the Baltimore Sun during the season that he had change his lifestyle, getting away from the nightlife and the temptations of the past:

"My living habits, I don't go out on the town much," Hill said at the time. "I sit in the house with my family. I used to be a nightclub guy, especially coming out of college. I've just been watching a lot of movies. I'm a homebody. I took a long look in the mirror and decided to change a lot of things."

The Ravens took a chance on Hill after the Giants let him go, and Hill became a key part of a rebuilt Baltimore secondary. He is a restricted free agent, and the Ravens are planning on having him back. If he isn't in jail. Or suspended.

"We put it on his plate a little bit. We're challenging him for the next three or four months," Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. ‘Are you going to come back a better player than you were when you left here in January, and is that slate going to be clean? '

"We fully expect it to be. He just had a baby. He's doing great with his family, and we fully expect him to do a great job with that, and we're going to try to help him anyway we can with that."

Hill is probably one of the top five safeties in the NFL, and there is no doubt the Giants missed a player of his talent in 2014. This type of stuff, though, is why he finally ran out of chances in New York. He's still not a reliable guy.