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Report: Perry Fewell To Become Redskins Defensive Backs Coach

Former Giants defensive coordinator reportedly finds a new job.

Al Bello/Getty Images

It seems that the New York Giants' former defensive coordinator has landed on his feet. A report from a league source has agreed to join the Washington Redskins' coaching staff as their defensive backs coach.

His decision came after interviewing with both the Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers. Both interviews were for the same position, and Fewell had reportedly spent some time mulling his options before coming to his decision Tuesday afternoon.

The Giants' pass defense has been heavily criticized during Fewell's tenure in New York. It often featured mis-communications and missed assignments. Despite that, this is still likely an upgrade for the Redskins, who featured one of the worst passing defense in the entire NFL. Last season Washington's secondary gave up the 9th most yards -- 3,990--, 4th highest completion percentage -- 66.5 percent --, the most yards per attempt -- 8.2 --, the most passing touchdowns -- 35 --, and the second fewest interceptions -- 7 -- in the league.

Why Fewell chose Washington over San Francisco remains to be seen. Likewise it remains to be seen if his knowledge of the Giants' offense and defensive personnel impacts the matchups between the two teams in 2015.