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Super Bowl XXV: NY Giants (20) defeat Buffalo Bills (19)

Let's take a moment to remember the Giants' second Superbowl victory.

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Twenty four years ago, the New York Giants faced off against the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXV.

That year's contest between the NFC and AFC Champions was a study in contrasts. The Giants boasted the stingiest defense in the NFL, supported by brutal smash-mouth, ball control offense. An offense that got the job done even after losing their starting quarterback, Phil Simms, in a week 15 game against the Buffalo Bills.

The Bills, on the other hand, featured the explosive "K-Gun" offense helmed by hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly. While the Giants' offense was predicated on long, methodical drives to set up their punishing defense, the Bills featured an explosive, no-huddle, spread offense that looks more like the modern NFL offenses.

The game went almost exactly according to the Giants' plans, with their offense dominating the time of possession, and holding the ball for a record 40 minutes, 33 seconds. On the other side of the ball, the Giants held the explosive Bills in check, only giving up 19 points to a team that had scored 51 in the AFC Championship game. What's more, the Giants' defense kept Buffalo from converting a 3rd down until the last drive of the game.

And about that last drive ... It was probably a defining moment in many Giants fans' lives. I could detail it down to the "NO GOOD! WIDE RIGHT!" but wouldn't you rather watch it again?