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Super Bowl XXI remembered: New York Giants 39, Denver Broncos 20

The first of four.

Phil Simms in Super Bowl XXI
Phil Simms in Super Bowl XXI
George Rose/Getty Images

Twenty-eight years ago today the New York Giants climbed all the way out of a period of time in franchise history some refer to as the 'Wilderness Years, reaching the mountaintop by winning their first Super Bowl title, a 39-20 Super Bowl XXI victory over the Denver Broncos.

-- This is the Phil Simms' 22-of-25 game.

-- This was the game during which Giants' defensive end George Martin sacked John Elway for a safety.

-- This was the game in which the Giants trailed 10-9 at the half, but blew the Broncos' doors off in the second half with a 30-10 onlslaught.

-- This was the game where the Gatorade shower for the winning coach became a national phenomenon.

On a personal note, when I think about this game it is the one Giants' game that reminds me that I'm not a young many anymore. Why is that? Because even though I write about the Giants every day and have seen all four Super Bowls, I have the clearest memory of this one, the one that happened 29 years ago.

Feel free to share your own memories. Or, if you are too young to remember, listen to the old-timers as they recall the Giants' first Super Bowl title.