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Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. fined again by NFL

Helmet removal leads to removal of cash from rookie's wallet.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

NFL defenders couldn't find a way to stop Odell Beckham during the 2014 season. So, they turned to the tried and true NFL method of simply beating up the New York Giants rookie wide receiver. That technique still didn't help them stop him, but it has resulted in a frustrated Beckham ending up with a lighter wallet.

Beckham was fined $11,025 this week for taking his helmet off and slamming it to the ground while arguing after a blatant late hit he took during the Week 17 game against the Philadelphia Eagles went un-penalized. Beckham was not penalized during the game, though he should have been. The fine for Beckham is, of course, justifiable. League rules prohibit taking off the helmet. Problem is, it wouldn't have happened had the penalty been properly assessed against the Eagles to begin with.

Beckham was fined $10,000 after Week 16 for kicking Alex Ogletree of the St. Louis Rams at the start of a brawl following a hit out of bounds.