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Giants Morning Report: Giants players enjoy college football playoff

New York Giants headlines for Friday, 1/2.

Oregon players celebrate their win on Thursday
Oregon players celebrate their win on Thursday
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Congratulations to Oregon and Ohio State, winners in Thursday's first-ever college football playoff, who will meet in the national championship game.

While many of you were enjoying Thursday's New Year's Day football feast many of your Giants players were, as well. Let's go to Twitter to take a peek at some of what the players were saying while watching the games.

Oregon grad Geoff Schwartz, who certainly enjoys himself on Twitter:

Schwartz and Steve Weatherford (@Weatherford5) retweeted this awesome work from @NFLmemes:

[SB Nation offers more Winston memes for your enjoyment.]

Back to our Twitter-fest.

Schwartz wasn't the only one getting in on the fun:

By the way, Schwartz and Spencer Paysinger played at Oregon. Johnathan Hankins played at Ohio State.

You have to love college football. Where else are you going to see stuff like this? Baylor's 390-pound lineman LaQuan McGowan catching a touchdown pass. Yes, this really happened Thursday.