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Get your NY Giants t-shirts! And help come up with the ideas, too!

It's time to add to your collection.

When Odell Beckham made his incredible catch against the Dallas Cowboys we marked the event by partnering with BreakingT to bring you a custom commemorative t-shirt, which you can still purchase.

Well, it's time to come up with some new t-shirt ideas for our friends at BreakingT. I have two thoughts for Giants t-shirt:

-- Damontre Moore recently tweeted "I promise you next year is my year" with the hashtag #DamonsterYear. Working with that to design a "Year of Damonster" t-shirt is one thought.

-- Another thought is "Spags II -- The Return" t-shirt to commemorate the hiring of Steve Spagnuolo as the team's defensive coordinator.

Let us know which of these ideas you like, and feel free to propose ideas of your own -- provided, of course, that those idea fit the spirit of the web site and would be shirts we could and would actually sell.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do get a percentage of the profit from each shirt sold.