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How can Rob Gronkowski NOT be in your FDS lineup this weekend?
How can Rob Gronkowski NOT be in your FDS lineup this weekend?
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back gamers!! Conference Championship weekend is upon us, and even though our Giants are hiring great defensive coordinators instead of playing football, we can all enjoy Sunday as football fans. All I'm hoping for are two games that go down to the wire with exciting finishes, not to mention that I'd love for both ROAD teams to get the W. This also marks the last weekend on football DFS, as they usually don't have games with only two teams remaining in the Super Bowl. If you love DFS like myself, you will immediately slide into NBA daily games, which are quite fun and can help "get you through" the offseason of fantasy football.  But if you're only a die hard football fan, which most Giants fans are, THIS IS YOUR LAST FANTASY ACTION UNTIL NEXT SEPTEMBER!!!

Below is my lineup for the SB Nation FanDuel tournament this weekend. Everybody put in a $5 entry and let's see what strategy pays off! It's a difficult week in DFS with only two games, so I'm admittedly no that confident in any lineup combination that I could create. I ended up going with high floor options at QB/RB/TE and crap shoots at WR. As usual, leave your comments below, whether you love or despise my lineup. SHOWTIME.

Russell Wilson, QB SEA $8900

One word ... legs.  All the QBs this weekend offer tremendous upside because of their arms, but Wilson's weekly floor with his scrambling ability is just higher.  If he doesn't "need" to run, it means the passing game is working. If it's not, 60+ rushing yards and a TD is a nice consolation prize.

Marshawn Lynch, RB SEA $8600

And here's your Russ handcuff, because if he has a low stat output, that probably means that Beast Mode is in the building. The Packers rush defense can be exploited, and I think we will see vintage Lynch (partly because I believe he wants to win another Super Bowl and retire on top, mainly because he's sick of the NFL).

Dan Herron, RB IND $7000

I'd love to play a cheaper RB here, but pretending to know who the Patriots will ride this weekend is too risky for my blood. Herron has a high floor because of his passing game chops, and also has been getting the goal line work. I think the AFC game is a shootout, giving Boom plenty of touches and scoring ops.

Doug Baldwin, WR SEA $6200

Not a sexy pick, but Wilson seems to trust Baldwin the most in the uninspiring receiving corp of the Champs. Five to eight targets from the accurate QB should lead to a solid day from Dougie Fresh.

Danny Amendola, WR NE $5900

This is absolutely chasing, but Amendola was a surprisingly huge part of the game plan last week for the Pats. He's probably the last "weapon" that the Colts will focus on, so I think he gets his chance to shine again in the biggest game of his career.

Donte Moncrief, WR IND $5300

Moncrief is a man-child. Still 21 years old, he went from destroying the combine to starting for the Colts against the Broncos last week. Nicks and Wayne are the past, Hilton and Moncrief are the present and future.

Rob Gronkowski, TE NE $8200

He's my favorite PLAYER in DFS this week, let alone TE. I don't care about the price. The Colts have no one in their secondary that can cover Gronk.  If anyone watched last weeks IND game, you saw the muscle bound but completely ineffective Laron Landry getting burnt by the the Thomas' of Denver. If the Colts think Landry can cover Gronk, oh boy.

Adam Vinatieri, K IND $4600

This is about value and nostalgia.The thought of Vinatieri burying his old team with field goals is too good to pass up.

Seattle Seahawks, DST $5300

I don't see the Packers scoring a ton of points Sunday, even if they pull off the upset. I also think Seattle gets turnovers and sacks because of Rodgers calf injury.