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Keep 'em, cut 'em poll results: Which Giants should stay in 2015?

Here is what you told us.

Giants fan want Antrel Rolle (left) and Walter Thurmond back in 2015
Giants fan want Antrel Rolle (left) and Walter Thurmond back in 2015
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Which unrestricted free agents should the New York Giants try to keep and which ones should they just move on without? We have been going through that list of players for the past couple of weeks, and now your votes are in.

The complete list of results is below -- at least in regards to the players we polled about or wrote about individually.

Jason Pierre-Paul -- No poll [complete story]

Walter Thurmond -- 93 percent (4,501) of 4,846 voters want to keep Thurmond [complete story]

Stevie Brown -- 79 percent (2,098) of 2.642 voters want to dump Brown [complete story]

Jacquian Williams -- 62 percent of 2,113 voters want to keep Williams. Final tally -- 1,315-798 [complete story]

Antrel Rolle -- 76 percent of voters (1,785) of 2,490 voters want to keep Rolle. [complete story]

Spencer Paysinger -- 63 percent (631) of 1,008 voters want to dump Paysinger. [complete story]

Quintin Demps -- 88 percent (980) of 1,120 voeters want to dump Demps. [complete story]

Henry Hynoski -- 95 percent (1,917) of 2,023 voters want to keep Hynoski. [complete story]

Zack Bowman -- 78 percent (1,191) of 1,521 voters want to keep Bowman. [complete story]

Mike Patterson -- 95 percent (1,358) of 1,428 voters want to dump Patterson. [complete story]

John Jerry -- 65 percent (1,429) of 2,201 voters want to dump Jerry. [complete story]

Jerrel Jernigan -- 77 percent (1,315) of 1,713 voters want to keep Jernigan. [complete story]

Daniel Fells -- 90 percent (1,247) of 1,385 voters want to keep Fells. [complete story]

James Brewer -- 94 percent (1,245) of 1,320 voters want to dump Brewer. [complete story]

There really is very little on the list that surprises me, except perhaps for the overwhelming support for keeping both Jernigan and Fells. I figured there would be a bigger split there.