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Takeaways from Wednesday's Giants radio appearances

What did we learn about the Giants on Wednesday.

Weston Richburg
Weston Richburg
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

John Mara, Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese hit the airwaves Wednesday afternoon. Here is some of what we learned.

  • Weston Richburg will be the Giants' starting center in 2015. Neither head coach Tom Coughlin nor general manager Jerry Reese said that directly, but both said Richburg's future was was center. That's the position the Giants drafted him for when they selected him in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. The question then becomes whether or not 2014 starter J.D. Walton will be back, probably on a reduced salary, as the backup.
  • Justin Pugh better wrap his head around the idea of playing guard. Pugh said at the end of the season that he expected to play guard, and was obviously annoyed by questions about changing positions. Coughlin and Reese both made it plain, however, that if they can find a player they consider to be a quality tackle via free agency or the draft a move inside is in Pugh's future.
  • The Giants will not be transitioning to a 3-4 defense. Coughlin said he was "open" to philosophical changes, but that "radical change" on defense won't be forthcoming. Translation: You might see multiple fronts next season, but you won't see the Giants make a total scheme overhaul.
  • Jerry Reese prefers play-makers over offensive linemen. He made that obvious and, in truth, it has been obvious in his draft selections for years. Go all the way back through the history of Reese's drafts and there are a ton of high picks spent on pass catchers or, in the case of David Wilson, play-makers. Not until the last two seasons, when he has been forced to belatedly address the offensive line, has Reese used real resources on the line. This is a spot where Reese and I differ. He believes in play-makers over protectors. I believe you have to get the offensive line squared away first, otherwise your play-makers are not able to shine.
  • Antrel Rolle might be done as a Giant. Coughlin said he wanted him back and Reese praised the work he has done, but the GM didn't sound like he was going to offer the 32-year-old safety a big contract. Personally, I'd like to see Rolle back on a cap-friendly one- or two-year deal.